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West Africa is a massive area about the size of the continental United States of America.  It is comprised of 17 different countries and is home to over 300 million people. With an average per capita income of only about 2 US Dollars a day, it is also a place of extreme poverty.

West Africa is also a place of extreme hardship where:
- Malaria is the number one threat to life
- Only 20% of the people have access to clean drinking water
- Infant mortality is the highest in the world
- The average life expectancy is only 46 years

Modern Charities mean well but ultimately only create a "culture of dependence." The sad fact is that over 2.6 billion US Dollars have been spent by major charities in the West Africa region over the past 10 years and, in most cases, it has ultimately made the situation worse.  

The truth is that classical charity:
- Stifles entrepreneurship
- Decimates entire local industries
- Results in decreased agriculture
- Makes people accustomed to "getting" free things vice earning them

West Africa Community Health Evangelism uses the principles of CHE to create a new culture in West Africa.  Our trainers work with villages to identify and solve their own challenges...themselves!  We teach them to work together to improve living conditions in a sustainable way for everyone.  We teach them that with a little ingenuity, sweat, and God's Grace, that there is nothing that they cannot achieve.  Finally, through their successes, we introduce them to the endless and immeasurable love of God Almighty.  

We teach them to organize

We teach them how to build
We teach them how to grow

We teach them sanitation

We teach them about God's love